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The Foundation has three main areas of focus:

I. Intercultural understanding at home and abroad that leads to economic justice and supports nonviolent approaches to conflict. The Foundation will support projects that promote the following:

1. International education and peacemaking, including:

        • Cross-cultural education that contributes to international understanding
        • Conflict resolution
        • Peace education

2. Domestic intercultural understanding, including:

        • Conflict resolution
        • Community building

II. Environmental preservation and the regeneration of natural resources, both urban and rural, with a special interest in:

          • Projects that relate to food and nutrition
          • Projects that make a connection between consumption and conservation, and teach sound consumption patterns
          • Projects that promote sustainable agriculture and alternative farming techniques and education

III. Related arts, with a special focus on:

          • Promoting literacy
          • Community involvement
          • Peace Education

Types of Grants

The Foundation provides grants to recognized 501 (c) (3) organizations for projects within the Guidelines. Initial grants will be given for project funding only.

Capital funding may be available for projects connected to previous Foundation support only. No endowment funds will be granted. The average Grants typically range from $2,500 to $15,000 with the average grant size $6,000. Click here to see the list of 2007 grantees.

Geographic Scope

Domestic: The Foundation funds organizations that are based or have programs in Minnesota or Vermont.

International: The Foundation funds programs abroad through U.S. 501 (c) (3) organizations based in Minnesota or Vermont that work internationally.

Application Procedures

Letters of Inquiry:
We do not accept unsolicited proposals but we welcome letters of inquiry. Letters of inquiry should be no more than one page(use cover letter below.) And should introduce your organization and project and make a clear link between your proposal and the mission and values of the Yackel Foundation.

If the Yackel Foundation has solicited a proposal from your organization:
Please attach a cover letter (see below) and proposal in 3 pages or fewer, with the following information:

Your mission and geographic focus
The goals of the work to be funded (immediate and long range)
The specific population this work will benefit
The implementation plan to achieve the goals
The impact on the communities involved i.e. what will change as a result of the grant
Partners in the community that are also working on the same issues and how you are coordinating with them
The criteria and procedures used to evaluate the work to be funded
The plan for securing funding beyond the grant period
The principal staff that will be working on the program/project and their qualifications

Please include this additional information:
Your organization’s current operating budget, plus your project’s budget-including income and expenses
Most recent financial statements ie. income and balance sheet and audit
A copy of the IRS determination letter
List of your board of directors

Former grantees:
Organizations that have received funding from the Yackel Foundation must have submitted their interim and final outcomes report (if applicable) prior to applying for another grant.

Click here to download COVER LETTER.


Applications must be received by June 1 of each year.
Early submissions are encouraged.
Applications are reviewed and grants made prior to October 31.

Send requests to:

John P. & Eleanor R. Yackel Foundation
P.O. Box 300052
Minneapolis, MN 55403-5052


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We do not accept unsolicited proposals.

Guidelines & Further Information

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